The Oregon Library Association conference is an annual three-day event for networking, inspiration, and professional development. The 2018 conference will be in Eugene, Oregon. The theme was selected by this year’s OLA President, Buzzy Nielsen:

2018 Conference LogoThis year’s theme, “Many points of light, one bright future” and our sweet logo came from our friends at Libraries of Eastern Oregon. A group of small public libraries formed LEO to combine forces on everything from grantseeking to programming to database licensing in order to improve the future for all libraries in Eastern Oregon.

If LEO and OLA have taught us anything, it’s that we can learn things from even the smallest of libraries. Our lights all shine differently, whether small or large, private, nonprofit, or governmental. Some of us serve the general public, others students, still others companies, tribes, or agencies. What we have in common, though, is that we all have something to teach each other and still more to learn from one another. At the conference, we’ll hear many voices, some from those we hear often and still others who may not speak up as frequently. What we learn collectively from all of those voices helps brighten the future of those we serve. Many points of light, one bright future.

— Buzzy Nielsen, OLA President 2017-2018



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